Monday, July 31, 2017

The actions to the step of Dr. Ricardo Vaporeso

Once, desperate for the lack of wool and realizing that the man had sheared the dogs in that cold winter of 1916, Dr. Vaporeso decides to put into operation a great salamander that counted on two acts, an intermediate and a graaan Chimney that from Peru street crossed the horizon to the neighboring Republic of Paraguay. He set fire to everything. In the mouth of the salamander they burned:


12,765,987 books: episco-military donation.
48 mattresses found "out there"
122 crutches, donated by their hopeful owners of miracles.
Pieces of old books, as employees of various offices say.
Many, many chairs (no known source).
A reliquary of Ms. Felicitas Morales Solá Anchorena Urquiza.
2 donkeys.
7 chickens.
A pony that did not want to enter.
4 Paraguayan prisoners.
A wicker sling that burned right away.
A hammer to crush milanesas of Mrs. Agustina Herrera de Noble.
A manila shawl by Mrs. Ana María Granilla Carratalá.
3 dogs of plaster, kindness of the Japanese Park.
A dry azalea from the garden of Mrs. Urtazo Sandrani.
Part of the borte belonging to Gral. Juan José de Justo along with his belongings: sable crow (among others), donation Flia. Garrido.
Wallet used by Justo José de Urquiza.
Manuscripts in Russian, on chess, by the master Igor Franovich Dergaiescu.
250 knobs Céfiro del Oriente Lillio ointment to grow hair, courtesy of Farmacia Holando Argentina.
2,600 tonet chairs, courtesy of the "Association of Closed Gallegos of Avda. De Mayo".
Several rooms in disuse of the stay "The Divisa Punzó" of Caseros and Obes.
The city of Mar del Plata donated part of the old wooden boulevard, courtesy of Alberto Peralta Ramos.
A carolina feline bear kindness Flia. Martínez de Hoz.
Apocryphal: two children for stealing potatoes.
3,500 kilos of coffee beans "annoying" donation of Regina Pacini de Alvear.
1,500 meters zephir for shirts donation of Elena Ross de Tocornal.
The family Basavilbaso of Catelín donated to the burning: 306 kilos of choricero yarn, 9 heads of race, 12 crucifixes, 864 polished latch locks and 1,366 kilos of lime chloride.
Ms. Teodelina Christophersen Lezica de Dodero had the gentleness with 350 dozen pencils to dye her eyebrows.
146 encased drawers, were the donation of the Flia. Unzué Leloir.
4,500 kilos of paper store, kindness of the Flia. Tezanos Pintos del Cabral.
350 dozens of handkerchiefs, donation of María Magdalena Bengolea de Sánchez Elía.
150 dozen Turkish towels, courtesy of Luis Méndez Bosh Pagés.
180 boxes of black grease for cars, courtesy of Herrería Tomás Corrado.
Louis XVI, carved, gold and upholstered in Nimes, courtesy of Rear Admiral Juan Peffabet, for absent from Europe.
Three rich pieces upholstered in buffalo, courtesy of Panhard Levassor.
Splendid English style dining room with carved oak, donated by Juan Carcasson (h).
Dining oak solid, 6 chairs cows and bedroom in oak, complete, courtesy of Antonio N. Ognio.
100 potato boxes for seed (s / signature).
300 kilos of yellow soap and 80 cans of peaches "Tiger" courtesy of Trejo y Cía.
Hats, shirts, shirts and socks, courtesy of A. Torrent.
3,485 posts of quebracho courtesy of Estancia "Los Patos" by Galimberti Bechara and Quadri.
9,450 channel plates and a mat Luis XVI, kindness Cia. Lacroze.
48 bad gauchos, kindness Flia. Rock.
2,768 boxes of cookies, donation of H. Canale.
A magnificent bouquet of natural flowers, kindness of the serbiomontenegrina community.
2,500 crates of past apples, Central Fruit Market.
10,000 kilograms smooth plate No. 26 and breakdowns, attention Trejo Merlini.
Two hectares of corn pisingallo, courtesy of Manuel Landín magre.
Fittings for car, gardener, sulky, various saddles, halters, bridles, reins, ties, errands, handles, gaiters, booms, portavaras and ropes for whip, plus a 1.20 by 2.40 by 65 cm high, Kindness of Flia. Hernández.
Jacobean lobby game, attention Flia. Urtilarreitía and Gómez.
75 dozen galvanized buckets and pots, kindness Flia. Bunge.
300 barrels of virgin yerba of 10 kilos. Lanús warehouse.
Plenty of dishes, glasses, fountains, pots, basins, vases, alpaca cutlery, corneta knives, sponges, brooms, biscuits, cases, electric pedestals, lavatory sets, violeteros and various loops, Flias gifts. Lamarca de Pereyra Iraola - Piñeiro de Ayarragaray - Chevallier de Victoria Roca - Freire Iriondo - Castex Alpellaniz - Brusaferri Pearson - Sorondo Costa and follow the signatures.
Staff and umbrella with fist of gold and silver. Anonymous gift.
Sewing machine, photographic apparatus, spectacles for theater, revolvers -various marks- a lathe and motorcycle for watchmaker kindness Flia. Bunge Guerrico Zavalía.
A real host of unknown country. Kindness of the National Government.
300 bocaditos with their belongings, leftovers from the reception offered at the house of Mr. Matías Errazuriz.
72 crates of sardines in brine kindness Flia. Spadone and Fresner.
32 carpenter's benches with signature.
12 kites kindness of several children of the neighborhood.
10 doors demolition cancel.
2 wrenches and an animal peeling machine (missed the delivery card, equally thank you).
200 liters of cooking oil: part used, part no.

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