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Server Domino adalah penyangga antara sistem operasi dan aplikasi. Di sisi lain server Domino - terdiri dari layanan yang mendukung pengembangan pemrosesan dan pelaksanaan aplikasi dinamis dan aman untuk Internet, Intranet, atau Extranet. Peran server domino adalah menyediakan fungsionalitas keduanya: di dalam dan di antara aplikasi Domino. Layanan Domino menginterpretasikan kode dan elemen aplikasi dan menjalankannya melalui sistem operasi yang sebenarnya. Setiap layanan dioptimalkan secara khusus untuk peran spesifiknya saat Domino diaktifkan untuk berfungsinya keseluruhan aplikasi secara efektif.

Sejauh aplikasi berinteraksi dengan layanan, dan mereka pada gilirannya - dengan sistem operasi - Aplikasi Domino dapat dipindahtangankan atau platform independen. Ada dua kategori layanan Domino: diterapkan dan sistem.
Layanan terapan memberikan ukuran fungsional pada aplikasi. Setiap aplikasi memerlukan mekanisme otorisasi pengguna, eksekusi agen, pengindeksan pandang, dll. Mengingat di atas, layanan tersebut diberi nama layanan terapan.

Layanan sistem menyediakan fungsionalitas yang memungkinkan aplikasi bekerja di lingkungan. Katalog Domino menyimpan informasi tentang pengguna dan mendedikasikan koneksi jalur antar aplikasi. Routing memungkinkan interkoneksi aplikasi. Replikasi menyediakan aplikasi sinkronisasi data.
Catatan Klien yang bekerja dengan database lokal (tanpa server Domino) melakukan layanan Domino khusus itu sendiri, sehingga membawa fungsi Domino secara lokal, mengurangi beban kerja server. Catatan Klien tidak mendukung tingkat pembatasan dan keamanan yang sama seperti server.

Aplikasi Domino adalah aplikasi client-server. Klien menghubungkan dengan aplikasi menggunakan mekanisme sendiri untuk prosedur panggilan - Notes Remote Procedure Call (NRPC), yang mengalihkan permintaan klien ke aplikasi Domino, dan mengembalikan hasilnya.

Domino juga mendukung protokol HTTP, yang memungkinkan akses Web browser ke aplikasi yang terletak di server Domino.

Selain Klien Catatan dan browser Web Domino mendukung klien lain dengan protokol komunikasi tambahan: klien email dengan protokol SMTP, POP3 dan IMAP; Operasi dengan konferensi berita oleh protokol NNTP; Operasi dengan layanan katalog oleh protokol LDAP; Domino juga bisa berinteraksi dengan aplikasi lain melalui teknologi OLE dan COM, bermain baik: peran client dan server.

Domino database ada dalam bentuk file lokal dan server-side. Database Domino memiliki dua area fasilitas fungsional:

O Notes Storage Facility (NSF) - mendukung elemen data dan desain aplikasi. Fasilitas penyimpanan memiliki catatan, yang mewakili wadah data. Berbagai jenis catatan memungkinkan menjalankan fungsi khusus di dalam database;

O Notes Index Facility (NIF) - daftar desain dan dukungan untuk lokasi data dalam aplikasi. Daftar diurutkan ini diberi nama tampilan.
Catatan dalam database Domino dapat dibuat oleh pengguna (tipe catatan data), pengembang (tipe catatan desain), dan Domino sendiri, yang digunakan untuk memantau dan mengendalikan informasi dalam database (misalnya ACL, header database).

Pada pokoknya, semua catatan database sama (berdasarkan karakteristik). Mereka berada pada tingkat yang sama dan tidak dibagi secara hierarkis atau dengan relasi lainnya. Catatan berbeda hanya dengan menyimpan data dan bagaimana Domino menggunakannya.
Catatan disimpan dalam item. Setiap item diidentifikasi dengan nama dan menyimpan daftar nilai. Nilai dalam satu item (jika itu adalah daftar) adalah memiliki tipe data yang sama. Item juga menyimpan informasi untuk menyimpan tipe data. Metadata ini tersedia untuk aplikasi dan layanan Domino. Catatan dapat menyimpan tiga jenis data utama: Teks kaya, Teks (teks biasa) dan Nomor (Domino menyimpan nilai data tanggal / waktu sebagai angka.

Domino menyediakan akses ke catatan data oleh berbagai kasus termasuk: kolom formulir, kolom dalam tampilan, kode program di @ -formulas, LotusScript, JavaScript dan Java. Selain disebutkan di atas empat bahasa program inbuilt, Domino mendukung kode program extern di Java, C dan C ++, Visual Basic.

Dijelaskan di sini gambar sesuai dengan versi Domino R6. Pada R7, yang ada sekarang sebagai versi beta, untuk menjaga agar data DB2 juga dapat digunakan, serta mekanisme NSF tradisional. Dalam hal ini semua catatan database Domino tetap berhubungan tabel DB2 yang skema pemeliharaannya dioptimalkan khusus untuk Domino. Dengan demikian, tugas yang sebenarnya tidak bisa dilakukan atau dijalankan secara perlahan akan tersedia untuk operasi. Tugas-tugas ini adalah: menjaga volume data yang besar, membersihkan data Domino untuk aplikasi eksternal, mempercepat eksekusi (kemungkinan IBM mengumumkan akan terwujud dalam versi R7 terbaru).

Dalam versi beta menggunakan DB2 hanya mungkin untuk database lokal (bukan server), tapi ini sudah selangkah lebih maju. Sebelum manajer puncak IBM mengatakan bahwa di Domino tidak akan pernah terwujud mekanisme blok rekaman. Pada R6 mekanisme ini sudah terealisasi. Kemungkinan di versi Domino R7 nanti, mekanisme transaksi dua fase akan dilaksanakan, mengapa tidak?

Thursday, May 4, 2017

What Kind of Run Are You On?

Running can be cold, miserable and isolating. At least that was my initial experience when I started training for a half marathon the semester after my first panic attack.
Running from the Demons
Training for a race was meant to be an outlet for stress and anxiety. I needed a goal to focus on. I longed for something to take my mind off of the worries, if only for a couple of minutes. A close friend suggested that I sign up for a half marathon. It had helped them when they were going through something similar. So I did.
I started training, and it was brutal. Every run I went on felt like torture. Not physically, but emotionally.
I hoped that each step would be the hammer that beat out my anxiety for good, so I would try to run as fast as I could. Maybe, I thought, this would be the run when I finally outran the demons.
But I couldn’t. They were inside me.
I rarely finished a run without dry heaving or stopping because the thoughts in my head were moving too fast for my physical body to keep on.
Over Thanksgiving, while on a training run, my headphones stopped working just as I turned to exit the neighborhood. For an average person, this may have been a mere nuisance, but for me, at that moment, it was a defeat.
As I finished the run, all five miles of it, my anger came to a tipping point. Disgusted at my phone, I smashed it on the ground.
Broken. Like me.
I kept training though. I was not going to quit. No matter how much it sucked, I was going to finish what I started. Not in a heroic way, but in an if-I-don’t-do-this-I-don’t-know-what-I’ll-do kind of way.
I was a disheveled bag of bones, but a moving one.
Each run brought its battles. Each run was no easier than the last. Instead of feeling runners high, I felt drained.

Me after the my first race; moments after realizing the anxiety was still here.
I thought I had so much on the line. If I could just go a bit faster or work a bit harder, maybe I would finally be able to get away.
I envisioned myself running through the finish line, filled with an ecstasy so great that it shattered my anxiety. A story I could tell the grandkids one day of how I triumphed over my anxiety by working through the pain to finish the race. How great that would be.
Of course, that didn’t happen.
The race came and went. The feeling of accomplishment lasted about five minutes until it was diminished by a profound sense of failure when I realized that my anxiety was still here.
Go figure.
At the time, I thought it was running that caused me to feel worse, but what I found out, later on, was that it wasn’t the running, but something entirely different.
I have found that those who enjoy the journey end up being the most fulfilled when they get there.
Embracing the Demons
After moving to New York City and starting to take ownership of my circumstances, an opportunity came up.
It was Thursday, and my company had two extra bibs for the Brooklyn half marathon that Saturday. I had not run in over three months, but wanting to continue my growth, I took them.
“Let’s make a game out of it and just have fun,” I told my unsuspecting fiancée when I arrived home with the news. I had just finished reading Jane McGonigal’s book Super Better, which discusses the psychological power of playing games, so I came up with a game that we could play throughout the race to make it more enjoyable.
The game: Count the number of Donald Trump posters you see in the audience.
Simple, not much to it, but it would require our attention to be focused on something other than running for the duration of the race. Plus, this was New York in 2016; so I figured there would be plenty of things to see. By the end of the race, we had counted 13 signs, including a sex doll with a Trump face taped to it.
We had a blast, and by the end of the race, we had more energy than when we started. We were amped and ready for more, rather than frustrated and wanting to die. We assumed our race time was terrible, but we didn’t care.

Trump’s Spies!
However, when I checked our times on the way home, I saw that we had barely missed our personal records, with zero training.
How could that be? I thought. We had not run in over three months, and yet we finished at almost the exact same time as a race that required three months of strict training.
That’s the power of mindset, specifically a playful one.
That experience made me rethink how I was approaching everything. Work, exercise, anxiety, etc.
Maybe it wasn’t necessary to “white-knuckle” it all and try so hard to get the result I wanted. Maybe if I just relaxed a bit and made a game out of life, I could achieve the same result and have a much more enjoyable ride?
Even if it meant that I had to take a 5% decrease in overall results that was all right, I wanted to a live a happy life. An A+ is good, but not at the cost of my sanity. I’ll take B’s all day if it means I can enjoy my life.
What race are you currently running?
If you are anything like I was when I started running, I urge you to try to have a little more fun with your journey. Make a game of the race.
Whether your race is making a career move, starting a business, or developing a relationship, I have found that those who enjoy the journey end up being the most fulfilled when they get there.
Even though it may not seem like it, each step is moving you closer to the result you want. You get to choose if you arrive depressed, and tired or fulfilled, and energize.
Stop and smell the roses people, they are the point.
Go Deeper
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